Kubernetes Operator

The TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator provides native integration of TigerGraph Server with Kubernetes.

It enables you to automate operations such as the creation, status checking, resizing and deletion of TigerGraph clusters. By reducing the complexity of running a TigerGraph cluster, it lets you focus on the desired state of your clusters and saves you time from the details of manual deployment and life-cycle management.

We have provided a public GitHub Repo to our preview documentation of the Kubernetes Operator. These docs are frequently updated to support operation, troubleshooting, and all other relevant use cases.

Getting started

To get started go to our Get Started GitHub page where you will install the Operator and provision your first cluster using the Operator.

Supported cloud platforms

The TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator is platform-agnostic. You should be able to use the Operator on any cloud platform that provides a Kubernetes service. TigerGraph has verified the full functionality of the operator on the Kubernetes services of the following platform:

Additionally, TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator can be installed and deployed without internet access