TigerGraph GraphQL Service

TigerGraph GraphQL Service enables users to access and modify graph data in TigerGraph using GraphQL queries. With TigerGraph GraphQL Service, you can use any GraphQL client or simply submit GraphQL queries directly to the service to access the graph data in TigerGraph.

Already familiar with GraphQL? Skip ahead to the Get Started or get to know GraphQL below.

Get to Know GraphQL

getstarted Schema

Learn how TigerGraph GraphQL Service translates GSQL schema into a GraphQL Schema.

getstarted Queries

Learn how to create GraphQL Queries to fetch specific fields of vertices and edges in a graph.

getstarted Filtering

Learn how GraphQL service supports Filtering of query outputs.

getstarted Sorting

Learn how GraphQL can Sort the results of a query.

getstarted Pagination

Learn how to limit the number of results you want returned from a query with Pagination

getstarted Mutation

Learn how GraphQL uses Mutation to insert and delete vertices and edges.