GSQL Language Reference

The GSQL™ software program is the TigerGraph comprehensive environment for designing graph schemas, loading and managing data to build a graph, and querying the graph to perform data analysis.

In short, TigerGraph users do most of their work via the GSQL program. This document presents the syntax and features of the GSQL language.

Get to Know GSQL

getstarted Tutorials

A set of step-by-step tutorials to help you get started using GSQL in TigerGraph.

GSQL 101 | Pattern Maching Tutorial | Accumulators Tutorial

graphstudio openCypher in GSQL

TigerGraph’s GSQL query language supports many openCypher features.

openCypher in GSQL | Clause Extension | openCypher in Web Shell

basics System & Language Basics

Learn the Basic Elements that make up the GSQL Data Definition.

types Attribute Data Types

Learn about Vertex and Edge Attributes and the different data types that can be stored in them.

types Schema Definition

Use the Database Definition Language (DDL) syntax to define the schema the blueprint for data elements in a database.

query Querying

GSQL Query Language is a language for the exploration and analysis of large scale graphs.

loadingjobs Loading Jobs

Loading Jobs are a unique and powerful feature used to load data into the database.

apendix Appendix

Checkout the other information on GSQL under the "Appendix" dropdown for more information.

Cheat Sheets | GSQL Style Guide