TigerGraph ML Workbench

TigerGraph Machine Learning Workbench is a platform designed for data scientists and AI/ML practitioners to easily develop graph-based machine learning models with production-scale graph data stored in TigerGraph.

Get to Know ML Workbench

getstarted Get Started

Guides and information to help you get up and running.

Get Started | Architecture Overview

getstarted Editions

Workbench is available as a service through TigerGraph Cloud or standalone in two Editions: Community and Enterprise.

getstarted Cloud

ML Workbench can be included when you create a new database instance on TigerGraph Cloud.

getstarted On-Prem

On-Prem local server or private cloud distinct from the TigerGraph Cloud integration.

getstarted Tutorials and Sample Data

A set of tutorials and training data sets to learn ML Workbench.

getstarted Release Notes and FAQs

Find the most up-to-date news on ML Workbench or find answers to common questions.

Release Notes | FAQ