Guide to management with gadmin

TigerGraph Graph Administrator (gadmin) is a tool for managing TigerGraph servers.

To see a listing of all the options or commands available for gadmin, see the Command Glossary page.

Manage licenses

To add a new license key, use the command gadmin license set. You can either paste the license key in the terminal directly, or use the @ symbol to point to a specific file path.

  • gadmin license set <new_license_key>

  • gadmin license set @<path_to_license_file>

To simply check the status of the license on the current solution, use the command gadmin license status.

See Advanced License Issues for a complete guide to activating or renewing a TigerGraph license.

Manage system configurations

In addition to the environment variables controlling memory thresholds, TigerGraph has many other environment variables that can be used to configure system parameters.

Examples of parameters that can be changed with these commands include:

  • Size and number of log files kept

  • System root directory

  • Timeout length

  • Port numbers

  • Replica numbers

See Configuration Parameters for a full list of these parameters. All of them can be accessed with the gadmin config command.

Nginx configuration

Follow the steps documented in this support article to update the Nginx configurations of your TigerGraph instance.