Release Notes

TigerGraph Server 3.8.0 was released on Nov 15th, 2022.

New Features

The following is a list of new features and improvements:

Developer tools - TigerGraph Insights

  • Introduced TigerGraph Insights, an intuitive, no-code tool for building interactive graph analytics dashboards.

Developer tools - Machine Learning Workbench

  • Introduced a new TigerGraph Cloud integration with Machine Learning Workbench.

  • Launched a new dedicated Machine Learning Workbench starter kit with ready-to-use tutorial Jupyter notebooks.

Developer tools - GraphStudio

  • Added support for multiple edge instances between two vertices in GraphStudio.

  • Simplified the data loading workflow for adding data sources to a graph.

  • Added the ability to load data to a graph from Azure Blob Storage.

Developer tools - Graph Data Science Algorithm Library

  • Added Packaged Template Queries as a more streamlined way for developers to install and manage the GDS algorithm library.

  • Added the CALL command to run queries with just-in-time compilation, yielding higher performance.

  • Updated parameter names to be more consistent across algorithms.

  • Introduced versioning of the algorithm library to follow the database version.

Query Language

  • Added support for multiple edge instances of the same type between two vertices.

  • Added the DISCRIMINATOR keyword to enable defining edge types that allow multiple edge instances between two vertices.

  • GSQL no longer recognizes empty input for a query parameter of type SET to be an empty set; users must explicitly specify an empty set instead.

    • In GSQL, use square brackets [] to specify an empty set.

    • In an HTTP request, use square brackets [] in the request body of a POST request to specify an empty set. You can no longer specify an empty set using query strings in a GET request.


  • Introduced the query optimizer, which performs cost-based optimization on queries based on pre-computed statistics.

Data API Service


  • Strengthened the security for the management of user-defined functions (UDF).

  • Sensitive information such as ACL passwords is now masked when entering passwords interactively.

  • All personally identifiable information in data source configuration when using the Kafka loader or Data Streaming Connector is now masked.

  • Added login protection and the ability for administrators to enable a password policy.

Ecosystem integration

  • Added the ability to query and stream data from Google Big Query to Data Streaming Connector.

  • Added the ability to configure how much memory Data Streaming Connectors are allowed to use through the KafkaConnect.MaxMemorySizeMB parameter.

  • Added the ability to shrink or expand a cluster using the kubectl tg update command in Kubernetes.


Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue that could cause cluster shrinking failure due to communication issues with the ETCD service.

  • Resolved several dependency vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the system to become unresponsive due to the executor service dysfunction.

  • Fixed an issue where exporting data with \n in its value might cause later imports to fail.

  • Fixed an issue that caused imports to fail if any data source in the graph has the backslash escape character in its configuration.

  • Fixed an issue where a query that declares and initializes a datetime variable with an expression that uses a input parameter would cause a syntax error.

  • Fixed an issue where exceedingly long queries (over 1000 lines) take a long time to be created and installed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused GBAR backup to be unable to reach AWS S3 on a private network.

  • Fixed an issue where users cannot access the GraphQL service with database username/password credentials.

  • Fixed an issue that caused upgrades from versions earlier than 3.7 to fail.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause GPE dysfunction when calling a REST endpoint.

  • Fixed an issue that in rare cases produced inaccurate results when a query uses an ACCUM clause.

  • Fixed an issue where S3 loading jobs cannot be terminated if it is not run in EOF mode.

  • Fixed an issue that led to inconsistent edge counts being reported across different replicas.

  • Fixed an issue where enabling verbose logging could cause GPE dysfunction.

Known issues

  • If System.Backup.Local.Enable is set to true, this also enables a daily full backup at 12:00am UTC