Release Notes for TigerGraph 3.3

Release date: Nov 1st, 2021

For the running log of bug fixes, see Change Log.

New Features

Below is a list of new features in TigerGraph 3.3:


  • Added gadmin config reset command to reset a configuration parameter to its default value.

  • Added the --auto-restart option to gadmin start that automatically restarts any service that goes down


  • Improve loader/license violation error messaging

Data loading

  • Added new parameter update_vertex_only to POST /graph/{graph_name} to allow update-only requests.

Developer efficiency - GraphStudio

Admin Portal System Management

Known Issues

Cluster expansion

If you have ever deleted a vertex or edge attribute before conducting an expansion, cluster expansion may lead to issues reading attributes of that vertex or edge type.

For details, see Cluster Expansion.



  • Multiple (Conjunctive) Path Patterns:

    • There are no known functional problems, but the performance has not been optimized. Your feedback would be appreciated.

  • DML type check error in V2 Syntax:

    • GSQL will report a wrong type check error for Query block with multiple POST-ACCUM clauses and Delete/Update attribute operation.

  • Turn on GSQL HA manually when upgrading from 3.0.x

  • Stale data visible after Deletes using index

    • Queries that use secondary index may still see the vertices being deleted until after the snapshots are fully rebuilt.

Compatibility with TigerGraph 3.1

The following changes were made to the built-in roles in TigerGraph’s Role-based Access Control

  • The built-in role queryreader can no longer run queries that include updates to the database.

    • To emulate the old queryreader role, create a role with all queryreader privileges, and also grant the WRITE_DATA privilege to the new role.

  • The built-in role admin can no longer create users

    • To emulate the old admin role, create a global role with all admin privileges, and also grant the WRITE_USER privilege to the new role.

  • To learn more about role management and the privileges of built-in roles, see:

Compatibility with TigerGraph 2

Major revisions (e.g., from TigerGraph 2 to TigerGraph 3) are the opportunity to deliver significant improvements. While we make every effort to maintain backward compatibility, in selected cases APIs have changed or deprecated features have been dropped, in order to advance the overall product.

Data migration: A tool is available to migrate the data in TigerGraph 2.6 to TigerGraph 3.0. Please contact TigerGraph Support for assistance.

Query and API compatibility: