Testing TigerGraph CoPilot

A family of tests are included under the tests directory. If you would like to add more tests please refer to the Customization and Extensibility guides.

A shell script run_tests.sh is also included in the folder which is the driver for running the tests.

The easiest way to use this script is to execute it in the Docker Container for testing.

Test in Docker Container

  1. First, make sure that all your LLM service provider configuration files are working properly. The configs will be mounted for the container to access.

    Make sure that all the dependencies such as database and Milvus are ready. If not, you can run the included docker compose file to create those services.

  2. Run:

    docker compose docker-compose.yml up -d --build
  3. If you want to use Weights And Biases for logging the test results, your WandB API key needs to be set in an environment variable on the host machine.

    export WANDB_API_KEY=KEY
  4. Then, you can build the docker container from the Dockerfile.tests file and run the test script in the container.

    docker build -f Dockerfile.tests -t copilot-tests:0.1 .
    docker run -d -v $(pwd)/configs/:/ -e GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/GOOGLE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDS.json -e WANDB_API_KEY=$WANDB_API_KEY -it --name copilot-tests copilot-tests:0.1
    docker exec copilot-tests bash -c "conda run --no-capture-output -n py39 ./run_tests.sh all all"

Test Script Options

To edit what tests are executed, you can pass arguments to the ./run_tests.sh script.

Currently, users can configure:
  • The LLM service to use (defaults to all).

  • The schemas to test against (defaults to all).

  • And whether to use Weights and Biases for logging (defaults to true).

Configure LLM Service

The first parameter to run_tests.sh is what LLMs to test against.

All options below default to all.
Table 1. The options are:
Option Description


Run tests against all LLMs.


Run tests against GPT-3.5 hosted on Azure.


Run tests against GPT-3.5 hosted on OpenAI.


Run tests on GPT-4 hosted on OpenAI.


Run tests on text-bison hosted on GCP.

Configure Testing Graph Schemas

The second parameter to run_tests.sh is what graphs to test against.

All options below default to all.
Table 2. The options are:
Option Description


Run tests against all available graphs.


The academic paper dataset provided by: https://ogb.stanford.edu/docs/nodeprop/#ogbn-mag.


Digital infrastructure digital twin dataset.


Synthetic health dataset.

Configure Weights and Biases

If you wish to log the test results to Weights and Biases (and have the correct credentials setup above), the final parameter to run_tests.sh automatically defaults to true.

If you wish to disable Weights and Biases logging, use false.

Add Your Own Test Suite

To add a new InquiryAI test suite to TigerGraph CoPilot, see the Adding a New Test Suite documentation.

Next Steps

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