Customization and Extensibility

TigerGraph CoPilot is designed to be easily extensible. The service can be configured to use different LLM providers, different graph schemas, and different LangChain tools. The service can also be extended to use different embedding services, different LLM generation services, and different LangChain tools.

This guide provides information on how to add a new LangChain tool, embedding service, or LLM generation service to CoPilot.

Adding a New LangChain Tool

Here you can connect your agent to other data sources or be able to perform custom logic by adding a new LangChain tool to TigerGraph CoPilot.

Adding a New Embedding Service

Here you can add a new embedding service to TigerGraph CoPilot to better fit their deployment environment.

Adding a New LLM Generation Service

Here you can learn how to add a new LLM generation service to TigerGraph CoPilot,

Adding New Tests

Here you can learn to add a new InquiryAI test suite to TigerGraph CoPilot.

Next Steps

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