Adding a New LLM Generation Service

To add a new LLM generation service to TigerGraph CoPilot,

follow these steps:

  1. Create a new file in the app/llm_services directory. The file should be named where service_name is the name of your service.

  2. Define your service. The service should be a valid Python class that inherits from the LLM_Model class defined in the app/llm_services/ file.

  3. Add your service to the app/llm_services/ file. This file should contain an import statement for your service. For example: from .service_name import ServiceName

  4. Import and instantiate your service in the app/ file. For example:

    from app.llm_services import ServiceName
    # Within the instantiation of the Agent class elif block
    elif llm_config["completion_service"]["llm_service"].lower() == "my_service":
        logger.debug(f"/{graphname}/query request_id={req_id_cv.get()} llm_service=my_service agent created")
        agent = TigerGraphAgent(AzureOpenAI(llm_config["completion_service"]), conn, embedding_service, embedding_store)
  5. Test your service. Run the service and test your service to ensure that it works as expected.

Next Steps

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