Adding a New LangChain Tool

If you want your agent to connect to other data sources or be able to perform custom logic, you can add a new LangChain tool to TigerGraph CoPilot.

To add a new LangChain tool, follow these steps:

  1. In the app/tools directory, create a new file for your tool. The file should be named where toolname is the name of your tool.

  2. Define your tool. The tool should a valid Python class that inherits from the LangChain BaseTool class. For more information refer to the LangChain’s documentation.

  3. Add your tool to the app/tools/ file. This file should contain an import statement for your tool. For example:

    from `.generate_function` import `GenerateFunction`
  4. Enable your tool to be used by the agent. To do this, import and instantiate your tool in the app/ file.

    For Example:
    from tools import GenerateFunction
    generate_function = GenerateFunction()

    Then add the tool to the tools list in the Agent class.

    For Example:
    tools = [mq2s, gen_func, new_tool]
  5. Test your tool. Run the service and test your tool to ensure that it works as expected.

Next Steps

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