Adding a New Test Suite

To add a new InquiryAI test suite to TigerGraph CoPilot, follow these steps:

  1. Download the InquiryAI test template from here in .tsv format.

  2. Create a new directory in the tests/test_questions directory. The directory should be named suite_name where suite_name is the name of your test suite.

  3. Add the .tsv file to the new directory, populated with your example questions and expected answers.

  4. (Optional): Add the necessary GSQL and setup script to the tests/test_questions/suite_name directory to support your test suite. The setup scripts are not run with the test suite, but help to set up the graph for the test suite. The tests assume that the graph is already set up.

  5. Add necessary query descriptors to the tests/test_questions/suite_name directory. Within a directory named after the query, add a .json file with the query descriptor. Optionally add a .gsql file with the query itself.

  6. Add the test suite to the tests/test_questions/ file by adding an available schema to the schema argument list.

  7. Test your test suite. Run the test suite and ensure that it works as expected. Run the tests with the following command (and add desired options described here):


Next Steps

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