Adding a New Embedding Service

Add a new embedding service to TigerGraph CoPilot to better fit their deployment environment.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In app/embeddings/ and create a new class that inherits from the BaseEmbeddingService class. For example:

    class MyEmbeddingService(BaseEmbeddingService):
    def __init__(self, config):
    # Add your custom initialization code here
  2. Implement the needed methods for your service. If you utilize a LangChain-supported embedding service, you can use the BaseEmbeddingService class as a reference. If you are using a custom endpoint, you will need to implement the embed_documents and embed_query methods accordingly.

  3. Import your service and dd your service to the app/ file where the EmbeddingService class is instantiated. For example:

    from app.embeddings.embedding_service import MyembeddingService
    if llm_config["embedding_service"]["embedding_model_service"].lower() == "MyEmbeddingService":
    embedding_service = MyEmbeddingService(llm_config["embedding_service"])
  4. Test your service. Run the service and test your service to ensure that it works as expected.

Next Steps

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