Comparing TigerGraph Editions

This document compares what is included in the Enterprise Edition vs. TigerGraph Cloud of the TigerGraph platform.

To see what has been added or changed in different releases (versions) of TigerGraph, see Change Log.


Enterprise Edition TigerGraph Cloud


  • A free license is available with up to 50 GB storage after compression

  • Contact us for a paid version without storage limitations

The following options are available:

  • Free tier solutions

  • Paid tier solutions

    • Pay as you go by the minute

    • Annual contracts

    • Public cloud marketplaces


The power of a fully featured TigerGraph database as a fully managed service, in addition to the following:

  • Instant deployment

  • Automatic backups

  • Scaling out & replication

  • Automatic encryption at rest and in transit

  • Elastic read-only (ER) clusters

  • Start/stop on-demand - pay for what you use


  • Community forums support for enterprise-free licenses.

  • Enterprise support for any paid enterprise licenses.

  • Add-on premium support available.

  • Community forums support for free-tier solutions.

  • Paid-tier solutions have 24X7 proactive monitoring and alert and basic enterprise support

  • Add-on premium support available.

Database features

Feature Enterprise Edition TigerGraph Cloud

Native MPP Graph

Real-Time Deep Link Analytics

Ultra-Fast Loading and Updates

GSQL Query and Loading Language SQL-like syntax and built-in parallelism

Compressed Data Store

In-Memory Processing; ACID Transactions

Distributed, Auto-Partitioned Graph


Dynamic Schema Change

GraphStudio Visual SDK and UI

Design, Load, Explore, Query, Visualize

Admin Portal

Enterprise Features

Feature Enterprise Edition TigerGraph Cloud

Automated Deployment


Automated Backups


Backup and Restore

Multiple Users

Continuous Availability

HA Replication

Enterprise Security & Compliance

Feature Enterprise edition TigerGraph Cloud

At-rest encryption

In-transit encryption

Multiple users


Coming soon

Network Security