The Query monitoring page gives detailed information about the queries running on a cluster and their performance.


query monitoring overview

In the Overview tab, you can view currently running queries broken down by node and graph. In the Action column for each query, there are buttons to view the individual query history and to stop the query entirely.

You can also see Queries Per Second (QPS), timeout, and latency.

The sections in the Overview tab show the queries in each section over the last five minutes.

At any point, click the Refresh icon in the upper right corner of the page to refresh the view with the latest statistics.

Current Query Performance

The Current Query Performance tab shows the same information as the Current Running Queries section on the Overview page, except not limited to the last five minutes.

Historic Query Performance

Click on the History icon next to any one query in the list to see a graph of its QPS, Timeout, and Latency over the last five minutes.