Installing TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator

This page describes the steps to install TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator on your Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes Operator is a Preview Feature.

Preview Features give users an early look at future production-level features. Preview Features should not be used for production deployments.

The Operator only needs to be installed once for each cluster. If you run into errors saying that Custom Resource Definition (CRD) already exists, it is likely that someone else who has access to your cluster has already installed the operator. Therefore, you can safely ignore the error and skip installation.

1. Prerequisites

2. Procedure

2.1. Install the TigerGraph kubectl plugin

Run the command below to install the TigerGraph plugin for the kubectl command-line tool:

curl  -o kubectl-tg
sudo install kubectl-tg /usr/local/bin/

The plugin is installed on your local machine. You do not need to install the plugin for each cluster you operate on.

2.2. Initialize TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator

Run the command below to initialize the TigerGraph Kubernetes Operator.

$ kubectl tg init --helm-repo

If you are using a private helm repository, replace with the URL of your repository, and supply the name of your Secret:

$ kubectl tg init --helm-repo <private_repo_url> -p <secret_name>