Sankey Chart Widget

The Sankey Chart Widget displays a Sankey chart showing proportional edge strength between different vertices.

A Sankey chart is similar to a regular Graph visualization, except that its focus is not on a web of connections but on how strong each connection is.

sankey abstract

The thickness of the connections in a Sankey chart is related to the "strength" of the connection, meaning the amount flowing from the start to the end. In this abstracted example, it is clear that the connections from A and B on the left side to 1 on the right side are much stronger than connections between any other vertices.


Accepts data as vertices and edges. Each edge should have at least one attribute of type FLOAT or INT so that the widget has something to measure.

Widget window

sankey interface

In the Data section of the right side panel, you can choose which numeric edge property to use as the displayed edge strength.

Visual customization

The Sankey widget supports changing the orientation (vertical/horizontal) and the vertical alignment of the chart in the widget.