Activate ML Workbench

After the on-prem ML Workbench setup is complete, the next step is to activate ML Workbench on your on-prem TigerGraph database instance. This is a prerequisite for some ML Workbench core functionality.

If you have any existing UDFs in your TigerGraph instance, back them up before installation by making a copy of the existing UDF file.

To activate ML Workbench on-prem, UDFs must be enabled by a TigerGraph server user with gadmin access. Follow the instructions here to enable UDFs: Enable User-Defined Functions. It is recommended that you disable UDFs again after activating ML Workbench for security reasons.

Community Edition

  1. Request the Community Edition from the TigerGraph product page.

  2. Follow the instructions in your email to download and install ML Workbench.

  3. Go to to download the activator.

  4. Run the activator according to the instructions on the Activator page.

Enterprise Edition

  1. Purchase the Enterprise Edition from the TigerGraph sales team.

  2. The sales team will contact you with a username and password for you to enter on the Activator page.

  3. After entering the username and password, the Enterprise Activator will become available.

  4. Download the activator and run it according to the instructions on the Activator page.