Download GSQL Output File

In a GSQL query, users can print any output from the query to a file. You can download the query output files from Admin Portal.

1. Procedure

1.1. Navigate to GSQL Output File page

Navigate to Admin Portal, and then click "Others" on the left side navigation, and Click "GSQL Output File". After users print the query result into a file, they can preview or download the output files through this page.

GSQL output file page

1.2. Select nodes and provide file path

You can select a specific machine in the cluster to download the output file from. By default, all machines are selected.

After selecting the machine, you need to provide the absolute file path to the file you want to download. For example: /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/data/files/v.csv.

Make sure the file path you provide is allowed by GSQL file output policy. When a file path is not allowed by the policy, you will not be able to preview or download the file.

1.3. Preview and download file

Once you provide a valid file path, you will be able to preview and download the file.

gsql output file button enabled

Click preview button to preview the file content (up to 1000 bytes).

File in preview

Click Download button to download the file.