Adamic Adar

Supported Graph Characteristics

Unweighted edges

Homogeneous vertex types

Heterogeneous vertex types

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The Adamic/Adar index is a measure according to the number of shared links between two vertices. It is defined as the sum of the inverse logarithmic degree centrality of the neighbors shared by the two vertices.

\[{A(x,y)=\sum _{u\in N(x)\cap N(y)}{\frac {1}{\log {|N(u)|}}}}\]

Where \({N(u)}\) is the set of vertices adjacent to u.

This algorithm was created in 2003 by Lada Adamic and Eytan Adar.


This algorithm ignores edge weights.


CREATE QUERY tg_adamic_adar(VERTEX v_source VERTEX v_target, SET<STRING> e_type)


Name Description Default value

VERTEX v_source

The first vertex to compare. Provide the vertex ID and type as a tuple: ("id","type")


VERTEX v_target

The second vertex to compare with the first. Provide the vertex ID and type as a tuple: ("id","type")


SET<STRING> e_type_set

Edge types to traverse.

(A blank set of strings)


Returns Adamic Adar index between the two given vertices. If the two vertices do not have common neighbors, the algorithm will return a division by 0 error.

Time complexity

The algorithm has a time complexity of \(O(D1 + D2)\), where \(D1\) and \(D2\) are the degrees of the two vertices.


Suppose we have the graph below:

adamic adar ex

Running the algorithm between Jenny and Dan will give us a result of \(1/\log(2) = 3.32193\).

  • Query

  • Result

RUN QUERY adamic_adar (("Jenny", "person"), ("Dan", "person"), ["friendship"])
    "error": false,
    "message": "",
    "version": {
    "schema": 1,
    "edition": "enterprise",
    "api": "v2"
    "results": [{"@@closeness": 3.32193}]