User Access Management

User Access Management

GraphStudio follows TigerGraph user authentication and role-based access control model. Read more in the document Managing User Privileges and Authentication.

Log On

If user authentication is not enabled, i.e., GSQL tigergraph superuser password hasn't been changed, then no user login is needed for GraphStudio. If user authentication has been enabled, then users must provide credentials (e.g., username and password) to enter GraphStudio. In addition, your system administrator can integrate TigerGraph with other user access management systems (e.g., LDAP, Active Directory, or SAML-based Single Sign On). See the User Access Management for how to set up LDAP or SSO.

After login, the user is assigned to one of the graphs for which he has access to.

To logout, click the User iconand then the Sign Out icon.

Role- and Graph- Based Access Control

TigerGraph uses role-based access control with several pre-defined roles. Each role is a logical collection of data access privileges, such as querywriter or admin. Each user is assigned one or more roles by a graph admin user or by a superuser. Roles are also graph-specific. For example, user Pat could be an admin on graph G1 but a querywriter on graph G2.

When a user logs in and/or selects a graph, GraphStudio will disable certain actions based on the user's role on that graph. On each working panel, a warning note will alert the user to features which are disabled. For example, in the current version of GraphStudio, users with querywriter, queryreader, or observer role will see the following warnings on the Design Schema working panel:

The table below summarizes the built-in roles and of their key privileges on GraphStudio:

Select A Graph

Beginning with Version 1.2, the TigerGraph system can support multiple graphs within one TigerGraph instance. Read more at MultiGraph - An Overview. If you have access to more than one graph, at the top of the Menu Bar an arrow will appear. Click the arrow to expand the graph list and select a graph.

A graph admin user or superuser grants each user access to particular graphs. Currently, granting and revoking privileges must be done as GSQL commands; user roles cannot be managed in GraphStudio yet.