Known Issues

GraphStudio is not perfect, like any other software. The following issues are known and will be fixed in the future.

After upgrading to v2.4, data mappings created in earlier versions of GraphStudio will disappear.

GraphStudio v2.4 changes internal loading job generation. Older version data mappings are deprecated. Please contact TigerGraph support if you need to migrate them from an earlier version.

Integers larger than 2^53 - 1 may lose precision.


In the future, GraphStudio will use BigInt to solve this problem.

Graph Exploration result disappears

Sometimes when you double-click a vertex, the graph exploration result disappears. This is only a front-end rendering issue. The data is still there. Workaround : click the change layout button, and choose any layout. Everything will be rendered.

Edge response area is too big

When there are edges very close to one another, their click response areas may overlap, making it hard to select the edge you want. This happens after zoom-in / zoom-out or connecting to another screen sometimes. Workaround: click a blank place in the working panel then zoom-in and zoom-out. The response area will back to normal.

You cannot use fixed binary type attributes

Currently GraphStudio doesn't support fixed binary type attributes in schema. If you create your graph schema from GSQL with such attributes, GraphStudio will refuse to work. We will support this feature in future releases.

Loading jobs created from GSQL won't be shown

GraphStudio can only recognize data mapping procedures created through GUI. If you create loading jobs from GSQL, they won't be shown in GraphStudio.

GSQL changes do not auto refresh

If you make changes to graph schema, and create/delete/modify global schema and local schema through GSQL, you need to refresh the browser for the changes to show up in GraphStudio.

Report bugs to us

If you find any bugs, please report them to We really appreciate it!