Export And Import Solution

Export And Import Solution

These two features can be found in the GraphStudio Home page. You can return to the Home page by clicking the logo on the top of the left menu.


Click on the "Export Current Solution" link to export the whole solution and download it as a tarball, including the schema, the loading jobs and the queries.


  1. The graph data and data files will not be exported.

  2. If a query has been modified since it was last installed, GraphStudio will export the modified draft instead of the version that have been installed in the TigerGraph engine.

  3. Starting TigerGraph 3.0, GSQL queries can be run in interpreted mode in GraphStudio without installation. These queries need to be installed to be exported.


Click on the "Import an Existing Solution" will upload a previously exported tarball of a solution.

In order to optimize the time required for Import, the imported queries will not be installed but saved as drafts. You need to install them manually.