GSQL Interface

Use GSQL within pyTigerGraph. All functions in this module are called as methods on a TigerGraphConnection object.


gsql(query: str, graphname: str = None, options = None) → Union[str, dict]

Runs a GSQL query and processes the output.


  • query: The text of the query to run as one string. The query is one or more GSQL statement.

  • graphname: The name of the graph to attach to. If not specified, the graph name provided at the time of establishing the connection will be used.

  • options: DEPRECATED


The output of the statement(s) executed.


installUDF(ExprFunctions: str = "", ExprUtil: str = "") → None

Install user defined functions (UDF) to the database.
See this for more details. for details on UDFs.


  • ExprFunctions (str, optional): Path or URL to the file for ExprFunctions. Defaults to '' (a blank path/URL).

  • ExprUtil (str, optional): Path or URL to the file for ExprUtil. Defaults to '' (a blank path/URL).


Status of the installation.