Interpreted GSQL Limitations

This page lists the limitations of GSQL’s Interpreted mode.

To use the features on this page, install the query and then run it instead.

Unsupported Features in Interpreted Mode

  • Distributed Query Mode

  • Any operation involving files

    • FILE objects


    • LoadAccum() function

    • SelectVertex() function

  • Statements

    • Exception statements:

      • RAISE statements

      • TRY...EXCEPTION statements

    • RETURN statement

      • Returning a vertex set variable

    • SELECT statement

      • ORDER BY clause

    • Assigning value to a global variable at the statement level

  • Attributes and accumulators

    • ArrayAccum

    • Accessing the previous value of a vertex-attached accumulator with the ' operator, e.g., src.@acc'

    • Accessing the attribute of a vertex variable that is not a vertex alias defined in a FROM clause

  • Functions and Operators

    • Aggregate functions: AVG(), MIN(), MAX(), COUNT(), ISEMPTY(), SUM()

    • neighbor(), neighborAttribute()

    • COALESCE()


    • evaluate()

    • datetime_format()

    • parse_json_object(), parse_json_array()

    • User-Defined Functions

  • Data types


    • BAG type parameters

  • Other

    • In INSERT: Optional vertex type information for from- and to- vertices when inserting edges

    • Using _ or ANY to specify any source vertex type in a FROM clause

    • Having the same name for global accumulators, global variables, and query parameters

      • For example, there cannot be a query parameter named param and a global accumulator named @@param within the same query