Manage TigerGraph services

Although the end user accesses TigerGraph by running GSQL or accessing the GraphStudio GUI, TigerGraph is actually built on many more services than just those two alone. Each has its own function and can be started or stopped individually in the case of a problem with one part, though several services rely on one another.

Consult the Glossary for definitions of the TigerGraph services.

Start, stop or restart a service

Use the command gadmin start all to start all of the TigerGraph services. This is the first step when running a new TigerGraph instance. If you are using Docker, for example, you must run gadmin start all after starting the Docker container before you can use GSQL.

Use gadmin stop, gadmin start or gadmin restart with individual services such as GSQL, Kafka, or RESTPP to control them separate from the others.

The restart and stop commands prompt you for confirmation each time they are run. To avoid this, run the commands with the -y flag to bypass the confirmation.

Bypass confirmation with -y
gadmin restart gpe -y
gadmin stop all -y
gadmin start all

Check service status

Use gadmin status all or gadmin status with an individual service to check its state. See Service status definitions for detailed information on the returned results.