The TigerGraph GraphStudio® design tool is an intuitive, browser-based interface for graph-based application development tasks.

TigerGraph’s license to use and distribute the ZoomCharts visualization library embedded within certain versions of GraphStudio expires on December 31, 2023. Please see GraphStudio Update Instructions for ZoomCharts Expiration Issue for more details.

Feature Overview

graphstudio main page

GraphStudio provides the following features:

Design Schema

The Design Schema page is where users edit their graph schema. Users are able to add and edit the attributes and fields of every vertex and edge they add to the schema.

Load Data

The Load Data page is where users load their data from their data source to the database and map it to the corresponding vertices or edges in the schema.

Explore Graph

The Explore Graph page is where users can explore their graph data and uncover insights based on their data. Here users can search for vertices in a graph, discover nearby vertices, find paths between vertices, and run GSQL queries. Users will also be able to use the Graph Exploration panel on this page to modify and augment the visualization of their exploration results.

Visual Query Builder

The Build Graph Patterns page is where users can build graph queries visually with a drag-and-drop interface. In this way, users will not need to understand any GSQL to build queries, run queries, or evaluate results.

Write Queries

The Write Queries page is where users can write and test out custom GSQL queries using a text-based query editor. The query editor validates the user’s query syntax and notifies the user of any errors.

GraphStudio Online Test Drive

Visit TigerGraph Test Drive demos at: https://testdrive.tigergraph.com/

The GraphStudio online Test Drive features several instances of the TigerGraph system, each one targeting a different use case. Each copy of TigerGraph has a GraphStudio interface and is preloaded with application-specific queries and synthetic data. These demo applications are provided in a read-only mode. Users can explore and play with pre-installed queries. Users on these demo systems cannot save changes to the graph schema, the loading job, or queries.

GraphStudio Availability


If you are using GraphStudio in the TigerGraph Cloud environment, you can directly access GraphStudio via your browser.

On a Cloud cluster, go to the Tools menu and select GraphStudio.

full cluster actions dropdown


For on-premises deployment, the server by default is listening on port 14240. Any machine connected to the server can access GraphStudio from a browser with the following address:


If you cannot access GraphStudio, check your firewall to ensure that port 14240 is open.

If you see the error message "Oops, looks like something went wrong" on the login page, the GUI service might be off.

login error

To verify the status of the GUI service, run the following command in a Linux shell on the server.

$ gadmin status gui

If it is off, turn it on by running:

$ gadmin start gui
This error might also be caused by an IP range block rule from your ad blocker. Please try turning off your ad blocker for the GraphStudio page and try again. GraphStudio does not have any ads.

User menu

The User icon image in the upper-right corner opens a menu with GUI customization options and links to these documentation pages.

GraphStudio supports English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese user interface language options.

language picker

The user interface dark theme is enabled by default. The light theme looks like this:

gui light theme

GraphStudio Session Timeout

GraphStudio has a default session timeout of 1 week. If, during this time, the user has no interaction with the page, the session will expire and the user will be logged out automatically. The timeout can be configured with this server command:

$ gadmin config set GUI.ClientIdleTimeSec [timeout]

Browser Support

As of Jan 2020, the GraphStudio UI is certified on the following browsers:

Chrome Safari Firefox Opera Edge Internet Explorer

Supported version







Not all features are guaranteed to work on other browsers.

Please make sure to enable JavaScript and cookies in your browser settings.

GraphStudio Limitations

Some features available in GSQL are not available in GraphStudio.

Design Schema

  • Fixed binary data types are not supported.

  • PRIMARY KEY and composite key are not supported.

Load Data

  • Data loading jobs written in a GSQL console are not shown in GraphStudio.

  • USING options are not available.

  • Concurrent loading is not available.

Write Queries

  • You cannot define a user-defined function. However, you can use user-defined functions created from TigerGraph Server by importing a solution with pre-defined UDFs into GraphStudio.