Multi-factor Authentication

TigerGraph supports multi-factor authentication (MFA, also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA) with a cloud service provider account once it is enabled in the cloud service provider portal.

Azure Active Directory (AD)

This section describes how to set up MFA with Azure Active Directory.


  1. Set up SSO with Azure Active Directory.

  2. An Azure AD Tenant must be granted Conditional Access Administrator permissions.


  1. Create a Conditional Access policy and assign your test group of users as follows:

  2. Sign in to the Azure portal using an account with Conditional Access Administrator permissions.

  3. Follow the steps as outlined in the Microsoft documentation: Tutorial: Secure user sign-in events with Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication. During this process, you create a policy requiring MFA for a certain application (TigerGraph) and apply it to a user or group of users in Azure.

  4. Test the login process with a TigerGraph user that the Azure policy applies to.