Alert: Directory Traversal leading to Privilege Escalation

Type: Security

Original report: Feb 28, 2023

A high severity directory traversal vulnerability has been discovered in versions 3.1.0 to 3.8.0 of the software. The vulnerability allows an attacker to traverse the file system and gain elevated privileges.


An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and potentially take control of the affected system.


This vulnerability will be mitigated in version 3.9.1 and future releases of the software. We strongly recommend that all users update to the latest version as soon as possible. TigerGraph Administrators may also revoke execute LOADING JOB privileges from users (see Role Management), until fixes for this issue are in place.


It is important to follow best practices for security and keep all software up-to-date to prevent potential exploits.

We would like to thank Neo4j for bringing this issue to our attention.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact TigerGraph at