Release Notes - TigerGraph 2.4

Release Date: 2019-06-25

Release Notes for Previous Versions:

For the running log of bug fixes, see the Change Log.

Key New Features

Pattern Matching

  • Describe a multi-hop, variable length graph patterns in one line of GSQL

  • More compact and expressive syntax, for faster application development

  • 📄 Learn to use Pattern Matching: GSQL 102 Pattern Matching

Interpreted Mode for GSQL

  • Run queries immediately, without waiting for installing/compiling

  • Ideal for ad hoc exploration or when making frequent changes

  • 📄 See INTERPRET QUERY in the GSQL Language Reference

System Integration

S3 Connector

  • Easily connect to AWS S3 storage to load into TigerGraph

  • GSQL or GraphStudio

JDBC Driver

  • Type 4 driver, converting JDBC calls directly into TigerGraph database commands.

  • Phase 1: Supports REST endpoints of built-in and compiled queries, returns JSON.

  • Part of the Open-Source TigerGraph Ecosystem


  • New Loading control panel to Start/Pause/Resume/Stop loading jobs

Analytics and Solutions - Graph Algorithm Library

Additional Enhancements and Changes

  • Installation: option for advanced customization

  • GSQL Loading: Additional functions for time data

  • GSQL: Improved performance when performing many DELETEs

  • GSQL: Nested queries can now return more accumulator types (Heap, Map, GroupBy)

  • GraphStudio: New Loading control panel to Start/Pause/Resume/Stop loading jobs

  • GraphStudio: Display detailed loading statistics for a particular data file

  • Built-in endpoints/queries: New functions Count(*) and Approx_count(*)

  • REST endpoints: New vertex_must_exist parameter added to POST /graph

  • Backup and Restore: Improved security for operator's credentials

  • Logs: GSQL log location has been moved, to be consistent with other logs

  • Logs: Include user identify for each principal action

  • REST endpoints: POST /ddl output is now formatted to be consistent with other endpoints

  • Data loading: Clarify/correct how quotation marks override the separator character

Documentation Additions and Improvements