Admin Portal Overview


The TigerGraph Admin Portal is a browser-based devops tool which provides users an overview of a running TigerGraph system, from an application and infrastructure point of view. It also allows the users to configure the TigerGraph system through a user-friendly interface. This guide serves as an introduction and quick-start manual for Admin Portal.

As of Jan 2020, the Admin Portal is certified on following browsers:







Internet Explorer

Supported version







Not all features are guaranteed to work on other browsers.

Please make sure to enable JavaScript and cookies in your browser settings.

Log On

The Admin Portal and GraphStudio share the same port (14240). If you are logged in one of the servers for your TigerGraph system, you can use localhost for your <tigergraph_server_ip_address>. The Admin Portal is on the admin page:


If user authentication has been enabled, users need to log in to access the Admin Portal.

If you are already at GraphStudio, simply click the Admin button at the right end of the top menu bar.

Page Layout

The Admin Portal v3.1 has three pages: Dashboard, Monitor and Management. All the pages share the same Header, Footer, and Navigation Menu.

The layout of the Admin Portal is responsive to screen size. The layout will automatically adjust for devices with small screens like phones and tablets.

The full screen version of the Admin Portal is shown below, with the Dashboard page selected.

The mobile version is shown below:

Page Header

The Account iconwill open the user menu:

You can switch between a dark theme and light theme. The light theme is shown below:

To sign out of the Admin Portal, click on the Sign out button in the Account menu.

Clicking on the Help button will take you to the documentation page containing this guide.

You can navigate to GraphStudio by clicking on.

The overall system statusis always shown in the footer. This single indicator shows:

  • Green indicates all services are online.

  • Gray means one or more service statuses is unknown.

  • Red means on of the component services is offline.

Clicking on the button will show you the status for the services in our system:

You can start or stop services from the Admin Portal by using the right most buttons(NOTE: ONLY a superuser can see these buttons).

Clicking on the Stop iconwill stop GPE, GST and RESTPP services in the TigerGraph system.

Clicking on the Start iconwill start GPE, GST and RESTPP services of the services in the TigerGraph system (NOTE: because there is an interval between data collection period, the real status of the system will not be reflected in the status section right away).

Session Timeout

Admin Portal has a default session timeout of 1 week. If, during this time, the user has no interaction with the page, the session will expire and the user will be logged out automatically. The timeout can be configured with:

$ gadmin config set GUI.ClientIdleTimeSec[timeout]