Module tgml.metrics

Class Accumulator

This class is used to declare objects that store running sums and averages of a series of numbers.

For each instance of the Accumulator class:

  • Call its update() method to add a value.

  • Get running average by accessing the mean property, running sum by the total property, and number of values by the length property.


None. The value of an instance defaults to 0 when you initiate it.

For example:

epoch_train_loss = Accumulator()

In this case, the total, mean, and length property of epoch_train_loss are all 0.

Instance properties

.length int

Returns the number of values in the accumulator.

.mean float

Returns the number average value of the numbers in the accumulator.

.total float

Returns the total

Instance methods


def update(self, value: float, length: int = 1) -> None

Add a value to the accumulator.

value float required

The value to be added.

length int optional

The input value is by default treated as a single value. If it is a sum of multiple values, the number of values can be specified by this length argument, so that the running sum is calculated correctly. Defaults to 1.

Class Accuracy

This class is used to declare objects that calculate and track accuracy between predictions and true labels.

  • Call the update function to add predictions and labels.

  • Get accuracy score at any point by accessing the value property.

Instance methods


def update(self, preds, labels) -> None

Add predictions and labels to be compared.


Array of predicted labels.


Array of true labels.

Instance properties


Return the accuracy score.