Set up ML Workbench Enterprise Edition

ML Workbench offers two different communication methods for exporting data from your TigerGraph Database instance to your ML development environment: HTTPS and Kafka streaming.

HTTPS data is limited to 2GB of data export at a time, while Kafka streaming does not have this limitation. Kafka streaming is only available for the Enterprise Edition.


If you have already activated ML Workbench, no additional setup is required to use the HTTPS method.

If you plan to use Kafka on the Enterprise Edition to stream data out from a TigerGraph database, you need to provide the Kafka credentials so that data can be exported correctly. Please ensure that you have installed the Enterprise Edition of the UDF dataloader function.

The ML Workbench supports the SASL_PLAIN authentication method.

There are several examples in this tutorial to showcase how to configure the dataloader to work with your Kafka cluster.