Getting started

The following steps will guide you through some key aspects of setting up TigerGraph ML Workbench. There are several paths forward to get started with ML Workbench, and the options are presented below. At the conclusion of the Getting Started sequence, you’ll have reached an excellent starting point for further, more detail-driven activities.

1. Getting TigerGraph ML Workbench

2. Connect to TigerGraph Server by through GDPS

If you chose to run the Workbench from the sandbox image, you can skip this step as GDPS is already deployed onto the server.

To complete the setup, you need to deploy GDPS onto your TigerGraph Database server so that ML Workbench can communicate with it

3. Train your first model

Follow the tutorials and examples in our provided notebooks to train your first model. We have provided a video walk-through for training the GraphSAGE model.