Define the Schema

Data Set

We will use the LDBC Social Network Benchmark (LDBC SNB) data set. This data set models a twitter-like social forum. It comes with a data generator, which allows you to generate data at different scale factors. Scale factor 1 generates roughly 1GB raw data, scale factor 10 generates roughly 10GB raw data, etc.

Figure 1 shows the schema (from the LDBC SNB specification). It models the activities and relationships of social forum participants. For example, a forum Member can publish Posts on a Forum, and other Members of the Forum can make a Comment on the Post or on someone else's Comment. A Person's home location is a hierarchy (Continent>Country>City), and a person can be affiliated with a University or a Company. Tags can be used to classify a Forum and a Person's interests. Tags can belong to a TagClass. The relationships between entities are modeled as directed edges. For example, Person connects to Tag by the hasInterest edge. Forum connects to Person by two different edges, hasMember and hasModerator.

Schema Naming Conventions


The GSQL script below can be downloaded from this link.