4.0 Beta Phase Quota Restriction Policy


To establish a fair-use policy that ensures equitable access to resources during the beta phase of TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 (Beta), while preventing abuse and over-utilization of shared infrastructure.

This policy is subject to review and adjustment at the discretion of TigerGraph’s management based on feedback from the user community and evolving business needs.

This policy applies to all users participating in the beta phase of TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 (beta).

Policy Details

Workspace Creation Limits:

Each user account is limited to creating a maximum of 3 workspace(s) during the beta phase.

  1. R/W Workspace.

  2. R/O Workspaces.

  3. Total 3 Workspaces allowed.

The size of each workspace (in terms of allocated resources) will be capped to ensure equitable distribution among participants.

Max supported will be TG-16.

Resource Allocation Quotas:

  • A total number of 50 credits will be provided.

  • Users requiring additional resources can apply for an exception by providing a valid justification. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Storage Quota: 100GB

  • Backup Quota: Only 1 Backup is allowed.

Monitoring and Enforcement:

  • Continuous monitoring will be implemented to detect and mitigate abusive behavior or anomalous usage patterns.

  • Users found to be violating the quota restrictions may face temporary suspension or reduction in allocated resources.

Feedback and Adjustment Mechanism:

  • Users are encouraged to provide feedback on resource limitations and usage experience.

  • TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 reserves the right to adjust quota limits based on user feedback and observed usage patterns to serve the community’s needs better.


  • All participants will be informed of the quota restrictions and any subsequent adjustments via email and in-product notifications.

End of Beta Phase:

  • Upon conclusion of the beta phase, users will be transitioned to the standard pricing tier with revised quota restrictions. Details will be communicated in advance.

Exception Handling

  • Users who legitimately need additional resources beyond the allocated quotas can submit a request through the Product Support/Feedback channel. Each request will be evaluated based on its merits, considering the user’s contribution to the beta testing process and the potential impact on the product’s development.