Read/Write and Read Only Workspaces

Read-Write and Read-Only Workspaces will connect to the same database allowing users to dynamically control OLTP (define) and OLAP (define) workloads for complete isolation of analytical and transactional traffic.

Read-Write (RW) Workspace

Read-Write (RW) workspaces allow read and write operations on the graph data. They are typically used for loading data, data updates, and running queries that modify the graph structure or properties.

Read-Only (RO) Workspace

Read-Only (RO) workspaces are optimized for read-intensive operations. They are used for executing queries and analytics on the graph data without modifying it. Read-only workspaces provide improved performance and scalability for read operations.

Current RO workspace requires manual sync up with the RW workspace to catch up with the latest change.

Update Read-Only(RO) Workspace

Once a Read-Only (RO) workspace is created, it also creates a snapshot of the data. You can manually sync up the data with Read-Write(RW) workspace when needed.

Updating a Read-Only (RO) workspace is an offline operation.

If there are any other operations in progress on the RO workspace, they are likely to be affected during the update process.

It is recommended to schedule the update during a time when minimal or no operations are expected on the RO workspace to avoid any potential disruptions.

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