Workspace Overview

A Workspace is a compute unit within a TigerGraph database. It is where the graph processing and analytics take place. TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 supports two types of workspaces: read-write workspaces and read-only workspaces.

  • Read-Write Workspaces (RW): These workspaces allow read and write operations on the graph data. They are typically used for data ingestion, data updates, and running queries that modify the graph structure or properties.

  • Read-Only Workspaces (RO): These workspaces are optimized for read-intensive operations. They are used for executing queries and analytics on the graph data without modifying it. Read-only workspaces provide improved performance and scalability for read operations.

    The separation of compute and storage in workspaces allows for optimized performance and resource allocation, while the databases ensure the persistence and accessibility of the graph data.

    • The database in TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 refers to the actual data stored within the platform. It is separate from the workspaces and can be associated with one or more workspaces within a workgroup. It holds the persistent data that is loaded into TigerGraph and is accessible for graph analytics and visualization.

      We only support a maximum of one Read-Write workspace to connect to a database.

Next Steps

See How to Create a Workspace to get started.

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