Advanced Workspace Settings

The advanced settings in workspace allow users to customize and fine-tune various aspects of their workspace configuration. These settings include options like auto-suspend and auto-resume, which automate the suspension and resumption of the workspace based on activity levels.

Find them by clicking on the …​ button on your workspace next to the Connect button.

workspace general tab

A workspace configuration panel will appear on the right of your screen.

advnaced settings

Users can choose the desired time intervals for auto-suspend and enable auto-resume to optimize resource usage and ensure a smooth user experience.


Auto-suspend will automatically suspend your workspace after a specified period of inactivity.

This helps optimize resource utilization and cost when the workspace is not actively being used.

Choose an appropriate time interval for auto-suspend based on your typical usage patterns.


For example, if your workspace is usually inactive for long periods, you can set a shorter interval for auto-suspend to conserve resources.

Be mindful of any background processes or scheduled tasks that may require the workspace to remain active. Adjust the auto-suspend interval accordingly to avoid interrupting critical processes.

Auto-Suspend Limitations

The following operations will not trigger an auto suspend:
  • Any UI tools access.

  • Running any GSQL query.

  • Running loading job.

  • Configuring an update.


Auto-resume will automatically resume your workspace when activity is detected.

This ensures a seamless user experience without the need for manual intervention.

auto resume

When the Auto Resume is enabled, the workspace will become “Idle” state instead of “Stopped”. Auto-resume will kick-in when users access tools and rest APIs.

Auto-Resume Limitations

The following endpoints will not trigger auto-resume:
  • TigerGraph Cloud Controller APIs

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