Connect via APIs

TigerGraph provides powerful APIs for seamless integration with your applications and services. You can connect to TigerGraph Cloud programmatically using RESTful APIs, allowing you to interact with your graph databases, run queries, and retrieve results. This enables you to incorporate graph database functionality into your existing workflows and applications, leveraging the power of TigerGraph Cloud.

Connect to your Graph Database

TigerGraph Cloud provides a convenient way to connect to your graph database using REST APIs. You can view, test, and generate code snippets for all available REST APIs, including built-in queries and user-installed queries.

These code snippets are available in JavaScript, cURL, and Python.

To connect via APIs and interact with your graph database, follow these steps:
  1. Click on Connect From API option in the Connect menu in a workspace.

    Screenshot 2024 04 28 at 9.36.29 PM

    You can go to the Schema Designer to Create a Graph if you do not have a graph.

  2. In the Connect From API UI, you can browse through the available APIs, including built-in queries and user-installed queries.

    These APIs represent different operations that you can perform on your graph database, such as querying data, adding vertices and edges, updating properties, and more.

    Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.42.36 PM
  3. Go to Edit GSQL Query to write and install a new GSQL query. For GSQL syntax, please refer to GSQL Language Reference.

  4. Click on an API to view its details, including the endpoint URL, HTTP method, input parameters, and expected output.

    The API details provide information about how to construct the API request and interpret the response.

  5. Enter the required parameters and click on the Test button to test the request. This allows you to verify the functionality of the API and see the response returned by the database.

    Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.43.22 PM
  6. Once you have tested the API and verified its functionality, you can copy the generated code snippets in JavaScript, cURL, and Python.

    These code snippets provide ready-to-use code examples that you can integrate into your applications or scripts to interact with the graph database programmatically.

Connect via APIs Limitations

The current Connect from API code generated by TigerGraph Cloud does not support the database secret. If you need to connect using the database secret, please refer to Required Privilege.

Next Steps

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