Backup and Restore

Data protection and business continuity are critical considerations for any database system. A built-in backup and restore system, allows users to create backups of graph databases and restore them when needed.

This ensures the safety and availability of your data, protecting against accidental data loss or system failures.

Setup Backup Points

Discover how to create backup points and restore your workspace to a specific point in time.

Backup functionality is currently available only for Read-Write (RW) workspaces. Make sure your workspace is in RW mode before attempting to perform a backup.


How to Create a Manual Backup

In this section, you can find information on how to manually initiate a backup of your data.

To manually back up your data, follow these steps:
  1. Click on backupButton button to start manual backup.

  2. Specify a backup tag for a manual backup.

    Backup tag is used to identify your graph database backup.
  3. Click on backupbutton2 button to start the backup process. You can see the backup logs displayed in the window.

  4. Once the backup is completed, you will see the newly created backup in the backup list.


In the beta release, only one manual backup for RW workspace will be allowed. You will need to delete the previous manual backup in order to make a new manual backup.

How to Setup Scheduled Auto-Backup

Schedule a recurring automatic backup for your data.

Recurring backup jobs at specified intervals can help ensure regular data protection.

To enable auto backup:
  1. Simply toggle on the switch backupButton3.

  2. You can specify the auto backup schedule using cron schedule. You can test out your Cron schedule in Crontab.

  3. Click on Save button to save the schedule.

In the beta release, only one auto backup for RW workspace will be allowed. The latest backup will automatically overwrite the previous auto backup. Please make sure to plan your backup strategy accordingly.

How to Restore a Backup

To restore your backup to a workspace is a straightforward process.

Restoring is an offline operation. If there are any other operations in progress on the workspace, they will be affected.

It is recommended to schedule the restore during a time when minimal or no operations are expected on the workspace to avoid any potential disruptions.

  1. Find the backup you wan to restore in the list.

    Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.38.09 PM

  2. Click on the Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.38.52 PM button to open the "Restore Drawer".

  3. After reviewing the backup details, you can click on the Restore button to proceed.

    You will need to type in the backup name to confirm the restore.

    Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.39.34 PM
  4. After the restore is triggered, you can see the progress and detailed log in the window.

    Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.40.16 PM

Next Steps

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