Workgroups and Workspaces

In TigerGraph Cloud 4.0, the concepts of workgroup, workspace, and database are used to organize and manage projects and data within the platform. By utilizing workgroups, workspaces and databases, TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 provides a flexible and scalable environment for managing projects, allocating compute resources, and working with graph data effectively.

Workgroup Overview

Learn How to Create a Workgroup the first step before creating a Workspace and learning How to Manage Workgroup Access.

Workspace and Database Overview

Learn How to Create a Workspace and unlock its many features.

Such as:

  • Advanced Workspace Settings - Learn how advanced settings in workspace allow users to customize and fine-tune various aspects of their workspace configuration.

  • Read/Write and Read Only Workspaces - Learn how Read-Write (RW) and Read-Only (RO) Workspaces will connect to a database.

  • Workspace Size - Learn how to specify the size based on your data and performance requirements.

  • Expansion and Shrink - Learn how to adjust the capacity of your workspaces as your data grows or changes.

  • Backup and Restore - Learn how to create backup points and restore your workspace to a specific point in time.

  • Connect via APIs - Learn how to connect to your graph database using REST APIs.

  • Monitor Workspaces - Learn how TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities that allow you to track the status and resource usage of your workspaces.

Next Steps

Next, learn how to Load Data into TigerGraph Cloud 4.0.

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