Load Data in TigerGraph Cloud 4.0

Efficiently loading data into your TigerGraph databases is crucial for successful graph analysis.

Load Data Overview

TigerGraph Cloud offers multiple methods for loading data:
  1. Select an active workspace from the dropdown menu.

    Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.47.58 PM
  2. Click on Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.48.20 PM to load your data into TigerGraph.

  3. Chose one of TigerGraph Cloud various types of connectors that allow you to load data into your graph database.

    Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 5.49.07 PM
  4. The data loading tool offers two different approaches to make it easier for users to load their data based on their specific needs and preferences.

    • Step-by-Step Guide: The data loading tool includes a user-friendly interface that guides you through the data loading process step-by-step. This approach is suitable for users who prefer a visual and interactive experience.

      The step-by-step guides helps you:

      • Configure the data source.

      • Map the data to your graph schema.

      • Customize import options.

    • GSQL Template: Is for users who prefer a more programmatic approach or have complex data loading requirements. The GSQL template option allows you to define custom data loading logic using GSQL scripts. So, you have more flexibility and control over the data loading process.

      You can leverage GSQL’s powerful features to transform, validate, and load data from various sources into your graph database.

Data Loading Tool Limitations

When selecting a data source a step-by-step guide might not always be available. When this is the case users will see Open in GSQL Editor on the bottom right of the panel.

Screenshot 2024 04 25 at 12.31.39 (1)

Step-by step-support will be added for all sources, but during the beta release only Local File and AWS S3 is supported with step-by-step.

Load from Local File

Check out our step-by-step guide on loading data from a local file.

Load from the AWS S3

Check out our step-by-step guide on loading data from a AWS s3.

Load from Other Sources

Here you can check out the status of loading data form other sources in TigerGraph Cloud 4.0. Or check out our JDBC Spark Connection.

Next Steps

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