How to Log In

After first signing up or being invited by your organization users must Log In. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps.

Log In

There are two ways to log in, through your account you created through signing up or though your organization

1) Your Account

If you click Log In on the TigerGraph Cloud landing page. TigerGraph Cloud 4.0 supports users to log in via Google, LinkedIn, or via a username/password.

You will be logged into the last active organization. You can switch to another organization via the user settings menu.


2) Your Organization

For organizations specific logging methods, click the Login with organization button. You must provide an organization name before entering your username and password.

If you were invited by a member of your organization and you do not know the name used for the organization account, contact your organization’s administrator.


Next Steps

Once logged in, learn more about Workgroups and Workspaces or jump right into creating a Workgroup and Workspaces.

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