Monitor Cluster Activity

TigerGraph Cloud allows users to monitor activity at the organization and cluster level.

Organization Activity Log

Click Activities on the left-side menu in TigerGraph Cloud to see a log of all actions performed on all clusters in the organization.

Activities page shown filtered by search term 'controller', showing all actions performed by the controller

Filter activities by date or keyword

Select a date range at the top to limit results to a certain time.

activity date range

You can also search by keyword across all three columns. In the example screenshot shown previously, the search was filtered by the term "controller" to only show actions performed by the system controller.

Cluster Activity Log

Each cluster also has an activity log, where you can view actions specific to that cluster.

First find a cluster in the cluster list that you want to monitor and click the Access Management button.

cluster list view

Click the Activities tab to view the activity log of that cluster.

cluster activity list