User Management

This section describes the way user accounts work at different access levels in TigerGraph Cloud.

TigerGraph Cloud user account

Your TigerGraph Cloud user account serves as your credential on the platform level. Depending on your role, you have various levels of access to clusters, billing information and organization user information.

See Manage your TigerGraph Cloud User Account for more information about making changes to your account.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Organization admins can link a TigerGraph Cloud Organization with an IDP such as Okta and Azure Active Directory (AAD). This allows for user management to be done entirely outside TigerGraph Cloud inside a preferred IDP.

See IDP integration with SSO for more information.

TigerGraph user access levels

On the individual cluster level, the same role-based access control used by the on-premises version of TigerGraph also applies to TigerGraph Cloud. Each cluster can have many TigerGraph Cloud users and each user can have different roles for each graph with different privileges.

For more information on how to manage users and roles in Admin Portal, see User Management.

User management was redesigned with the release of TigerGraph v3.6.0 in July 2022. Clusters created before then are only visible to Organization Admins and Cluster Admins. These legacy clusters exist entirely outside of the User Management system and can still be accessed by ordinary users with the URL.