Click the Billing button in the left side panel to see an overview of your current and historical billing by cluster.

billing page overview

Cluster instances and storage are billed hourly, which means that you are charged for each continuous period of operation, measured in seconds.

Instances incur charges from when they are started until they are stopped (or terminated). Disk storage attached to instances and backup storage incur charges from when an instance is first activated until the instance is terminated. Our billing system will total the charges at the end of each calendar month, generate an itemized invoice, and charge your card.

Data transfer costs from the cloud platforms are calculated according to the cloud platform charge and will be added to your invoice in the following month.

This section only applies to the standard hourly service of TigerGraph Cloud. If you have a committed long-term contract with TigerGraph, please contact for questions.

Pricing Information

View our pricing table for detailed rates for each type of charge.

Payment Methods

payment methods

For standard hourly use of TigerGraph Cloud clusters, we currently support payment through cards.

To connect a credit card to your account, click the Add Credit Card button in the center of the page. You can add multiple cards and set one as the default payment method. Removing a card will not affect cluster activity.

If you need to use ACH payment or purchase bulk cloud credits, please contact


You can also pay for TigerGraph Cloud via marketplace subscriptions through a cloud provider:


Invoices are generated automatically for free and paid cluster tiers as a way to track usage.

In the Billing page, click on the Invoices tab for a list of invoices.

Invoices are created from the first through the last day of the month.


Sample Invoice

sample invoice

Each invoice has a list of charges broken down by cluster usage. In this sample invoice, the prices are $0.00 because the cluster was on the free tier.