Managing with gadmin

Managing TigerGraph Servers with gadmin

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Managing TigerGraph Servers with gadmin


TigerGraph Graph Administrator (gadmin) is a tool for managing TigerGraph servers. It has a self-contained help function and a man page, whose output is shown below for reference. If you are unfamiliar with the TigerGraph servers, please see GET STARTED with TigerGraph.

To see a listing of all the options or commands available for gadmin, run any of the following commands:

Command Listing

Below is the man page for gadmin. Most of the commands are self-explanatory.


Checking the status of TigerGraph component servers:

Use "gadmin status" to report whether each of the main component servers is running (up) or stopped (off). The example below shows the normal status when the graph store is empty and a graph schema has not been defined:

Stopping a particular server, such as the rest server (name is “restpp"):

Changing the retention size of queue to 10GB:

Updating the TigerGraph License Key

A TigerGraph license key is initially set up during the installation process. If you have obtained a new license key, run the command

to install your new key. You should then follow this with