GraphStudio License

GraphStudio License

GraphStudio operation requires a valid license. The GraphStudio license is independent from the TigerGraph database license; some TigerGraph product editions come with a GraphStudio license pre-installed. The GraphStudio license expiration date might be different from that of the TigerGraph license.

Clicking the GraphStudio Information iconwill show the current GraphStudio license status. If a GraphStudio license key has not been installed, the license status will look like the following:

Without a license, it is not possible to navigate to the Design Schema, Map Data To Graph, Load Data, Explore Graph or Write Queries pages.

Applying a GraphStudio License Key

Click thelink on the bottom of the license status to be redirected to Admin Portal configuration page to apply a GraphStudio license key:

Enter the license key in the Update License text box, and click update. Clickat the top-right corner to go back to GraphStudio. If you click the Info iconagain, you should see the updated license. Now you can start to use GraphStudio.

The Developer Edition package includes a pre-installed license. Please note that Developer Edition may not be used for commercial use.